Costa Rica - January 2014 travel blog

Ibis and crocodile in the river

Crocodile at the river's edge

Another beautiful Costa Rican sunset

After 2 hot and beautiful days in Guanacaste on the Pacific coast, it was time to pack up again as we are nearing the end of our vacation. We still have a lot more to see and experience and want to make the most of our last 48 hours here in Costa Rica!

After another early breakfast, we depart for our trip through the cattle ranches of Guanacaste and the only tropical dry forest in Costa Rica.

We ventured to the Tarcoles River for the Tropical Mangrove Boat Tour: another chance for an opportunity to see more beautiful birds and of course, crocodiles! With another great guide, we witnessed magnificent firgate birds, pelicans, yellow crowned night herons, great egrets, green and blue herons, northern jacanas, and the great kiskadees. We also saw a lot of white ibises that are always close companions of the many Brahma cattle that were grazing on the river bank. One of the hightlighs of the afternoon was the opportunity to witness 2 rare scarlet macaws. Due to poachers, the numbers of these beautiful birds are dwindling quickly but today was our day. We also saw another brave(?)river guide, trying to feed a crcodile while walking barefoot in the shallow water....He did manage to keep both of his lower limbs while still entertaining the tourists.

We then wound our way through the narrow streets of the local town to the San Bada Hotel, perched on the side of the mountain. After checking in, we enjoyed drinks while witnessing another perfect Costa Rican sunset....awww, life is great!

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