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Well I guess I won't get up into the mountains after all. Seems the bus was actually on time, however I though it was a different time.. 6 instead of 5. Ah well Maybe next time. I've been spending my days walking the shoreline and checking things out. It's very peaceful down by the ocean and it's about the only place with a breeze. It's about 35 today and I'd guess about 90% humidity. I literally have sweat running at all times. If I walk then it pours off. Normally I'm fine but I seem to be a little but dehydrated today and have a bit of a headache. Probably a good night to watch some of my downloaded movies in the air conditioning of my room.

I went and bought some pencils and some paper and have been sketching a few designs that I want Mom to draw up for my next tattoo. I surprised myself and a couple of them aren't half bad. I'd say about grade 8 for sure. lol. I'll save myself the embarrassment and just email them to her.

I think I might look into snorkeling tomorrow. Apparently there's a couple of nice little trips to a couple of local reefs that sounds pretty fun.

Well I think I'll go down to the local soda and grab myself a bite to eat.


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