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Pip and Squeak and pastries

Plato! For Auntie CindyMarie

We tried it...



Today was a non-busy day.

Started with our tasty breakfast, mostly tasty anyway, until we decided to try Vegemite! The stories I have heard are not exaggerated. We all tasted on a piece of toast at the same time, and we all struggled to keep it down. But keep it down we did. Needed juice and more Danish to get rid of the taste though!

Keith decided to go solo down to the beach. It was our first blue sky day, and he really enjoyed the heat. Simon and I decided to stay back and D.E.A.R. (Which is a school term for Drop Everything And Read). We very much enjoyed this time reading on our balcony. I am actually reading a book that Simon started, a Young Adult novel called Everlost. I am loving it.

We made another trip to the pool and then back to the room for lunch.

We made two trips down to Little Hastings Street, once for ice cream and once for supper.

Back to pack up, we have an early departure tomorrow. If driving goes well, we'll head to a Koala sanctuary on our way to Surfers Paradise.

By the way, if you are interested, I have added some photos to yesterday's entry.


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