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I've had a pretty good couple of days. Been doing a lot of reading and some research for one of my classes at SIAST. I've been meeting with a few of the old fellas for beers in the evenings and that's been a lot of fun. Most are American but are ok anyways. lol. Yesterday I had to head to the bank to get some money out because my bank card wasn't working. Not really a big issue because I got a teller who speaks some English but still a pain the the ass. I didn't fish with my buddy Cory like I had a couple of days ago because he leaves early and I haven't talked to him much. I'm not sure if I mentioned but one day I went t help him fish for bait at 4am and that was a lot of fun. Cool looking perch sized fish.

Last night I was having supper with a couple of guys I met and as I was reading the menu, Cory drove by. I waved and he tossed me about a lb of fresh tuna. I gave it to the restaurant to cook and it was pretty amazing. Pics are on FB. During supper I decided to head across the gulf on the ferry and check out a little town called Golfito with a young guy from France. It's just a day trip so we'll be back this afternoon. Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for the mountains. The other fellow I had supper with is heading there to write some of the local Indian language. He goes to a very remote part of the rainforest in the mountains and stays with the locals and he's invited me to go. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone. Maybe a few days, maybe a week but I'm doubting there's any internet there so I may not be on for a while.

I'll be sure to post as soon as I get back

Love and miss you all


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