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Vortex rainmaking guns (didn't work)

Very rare Railway Ambulance

Historic Kerosine Tin shed

Free Camp set up

Tuesday 4th Feb

After a pleasant night, we hit the road, and first stop is the small town of Tambo population of 400, which is known for its cottage industry of TAMBO TEDDIES, this was an industry created by the 3 women of the town in 1992, trying to save the town and the wool industry during a very bad two year drought period and wool prices were rock bottom. The women commenced making wool Teddy Bears, naming them after local properties and each bear is individual and uniquely named. This business has sold over 36,500 bears all over the world since commencing and each sale is recorded as to the owner's name and address and employed 7 people at a time when employment was critical to the town.

We had a coffee and chat at Fannie Mae's which offered showers as well as toilet facilities, before moving on to Charleville, and this is actually quite a big town, lots of industrial type businesses and obviously we have arrived at wrong time of year. There is nothing much open for the tourist, the Cosmos Centre was not running its tours today and the museum at the Historical House was not much different to many others we have seen except for the Rail Ambulance. This is also the town that had an eccentric fellow try to break a drought with his rain making guns..this fellow was actually considered a very good meteorologist for his day. After a look around we move on towards Mitchell.

We made it to a small town of Morven, we stopped to make lunch (at 2:30) due to the road works, this again had another museum and historical buildings, but the most interesting for us was one of the only surviving Kerosene Tin Homes still in existence.

We continued on and made it to Mitchell about 5pm.

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