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A few visitors to our site at Longreach

The original Black Stump

Our setup for the night

Monday 3rd February

Before leaving Longreach we went to the Post Office and posted Ian's birthday present almost a month late. I have included a gift for Amelia, so hope it gets there ok.

We left Longreach at 10am to head towards Roma via Isisford, Blackall & Charleville. Well we got to Isisford which is an EXTREMELY small town. But they do have a Police Station !! We wanted to stretch our legs so we went for a wander down the main (only) street. Out the front of a number of the old and or empty shops they have plaques which explain a bit of the history of the building, one of which used to be the picture theatre originally It had a roof over it until one of the cyclones blew that away, so it then became an outdoor theatre!! Now it is just a very small theatrette with about 60 seats in it.

We eventually found a café, which is also a museum and we had a sandwich and milkshakes and of course a chat (!) by one of us with the owner. This is a famous fossil area and the fossil of the original crocodile was found here, and the museum is focused on these discoveries.

Then we headed off towards Blackall which is about another 120kms away. Arrived there and had ANOTHER CHAT (!) with the girls at the Information Centre, took a few photos of the things to see, like the original Black Stump. Steph went beyond the Black Stump but Dave stayed on this side of it…;-0..bit cautious he was.

We then headed off towards Charleville, but as the time was now getting on, we found a free camp (619 Camp 7 book)at the Barcoo River, and decided that we would stay here. No facilities, although we are off the main road by about 100m, we are visible and can hear the traffic, but it seems to be quiet enough and it looks like we will be on our own for the night, so we will see if we get some sleep. The weather is glorious…nice breeze and cool and no humidity.

I have changed one of the 12 volt plugs on the outside of the van, but appear that I have done something wrong because neither of the plugs works now. @#$%R#$%% A few words were said, a bottle of wine and it is now “WHO CARES” !!!!!!!!!!! Not a major problem but will try and fix it in the next few days, just very frustrating.

Then we had tea (all cooked outside too, Roast Marinated Butterfly Pork, fresh green Salad, and Homemade Potato Salad and Sweets for tonight will be meringue nest with fresh pineapple and cream Yummo…almost a la carte

No internet so this blog is being written up in preparation for the next time we do have it.

The Night Bugs are pretty aggressive and annoying but not biting so eventually head inside to get away from them.

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