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We couldn't finish off the year without saying thanks to a few of the folk, so in no particular order...

Helen's Mum (!!! - and Dad!!) and family

Gareth's family, poor buggers.

Everyone who made an effort to leave us ideas and messages on the website...

Paul Melhaus at "mytripjournal.com". Great product!!

James, Heather and Ben, Chris and Heather, Dave and Kerin, Rebecca (Back your truck up!)

Jo and Dave, Southampton Paul, Sarah and Jodi, Bernt, Ursula, Bodmin Dan, Torquay (Ian Finch)

Jamie and Jenny in Melbourne + the great man Ozzie Pete!

Chris Burton (What a star!!? Go check out his parallel travel site), Sophie, Jackie, Will

Anthea Manpower, Andrew Manpower, Tim Manpower, Suzanna Manpower, Jacq Manpower, Johnny Manpower, Steve and Bin Bin, Christina at Portugal Madeira,

Uluru Alex, Scott, Ben + Wayward Bus lot

Charlie Quinn for making us laugh, cry and nearly die in a hospital lift!!

Becky (City Backpackers) + Sander the dutch boyf - thanks for taking us to the rugby game + the tent, we used it quite a bit in the end! Hello also to Vicky and Paul, Liam and Lisa, Dr Dre, + the two crazy German guys, Niko and Ivan! So what ever happened to Graeme in the end???!

In Perth we have to say big Thanks to all the iiNet gang - LizeeB, Yolly Yo, Kara, Sarah (with a H!), Aimee, GB, Melissa, Neshka, Bryce, Anna, Mark + the geeks (including you MR Orange). Also French Alex and Marie, Mariko, Tamayo and Momoko, and Perth Landlord No. 2 - John - you are a very funny guy ("The last house mates just played Playstation 2 and ate pizza for like, three whole months... I can't beleive Hotdogs is still in Big Brother!")

Working our way from Brizzy to Cairns... Simon (we got away with the car without paying!!!!!), Dutch Alex and girl "Verkopt du Weet? Het goote spule" hahahaaaa. Also Swiss Marcel. We firmly planted that Cornish flag in that Hostel :-)

Big thanks to Gareth's Dad and Pornphan for looking after us and showing the otherside to an amazing country! We loved the free accommadation at a time when we REALLY needed it!

Big hellos to those who made a special effort to stay in contact - see you soon!!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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