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Frasers Hill

Our hotel

View from our window in the morning

The road driving in Frasers Hill

Well folks, we had our final swim this morning in the China Sea at 8:30am. The water wasn't as warm as it has been and it was very calm.

Left the hotel after breakfast at around 10:30 and headed for the motorway. This is a toll road but only cost 21 RM ; around £4. We filled up with petrol a couple of times just to make sure we kept a full tank in case there wasn't petrol stations on the way up the hill. The jungle has been decimated in places along the motorway to make way for palm plantations. Bit sad really that the jungle has to go in order that progress takes place. Anyway, off the motorway onto a normal road taking us up into the hills and jungle. Arrived eventually at the bottom of Frasers hill which is now one way up and one way down. Previously, it seems that there were gates at the top and bottom and you had to wait till either the cars had gone up or down (depending on which way you were travelling) so you could have been sitting there for a good half hour or so. We went to the hotel which was suggested....looked a bit run down but nevertheless, we went in and asked the price. It was more expensive than online so we arrived at this hotel which is only a few yards away and we're staying here. 170RM for the night B&B £32. Possibly eating here too.

On arriving, there was a film crew filming either a film or a drama programme. We went for a walk around the small town, saw some monkeys in the jungle. There's a 9hole golf course, quite a few old colonial houses, some of which have been left to fall into disrepair which is quite sad as there's basically nothing wrong with them. Apparently, there's also an championship 18 hole course which was built, 4 years to build, used for 2 years and because it didn't make any money (bad management maybe), it was closed and it transpires that the jungle is reclaiming it.

We thought we'd be staying here a couple of nights, but after walking around, we've decided to go to our final destination a day early so heading for Port Dickson tomorrow staying at the Avillion Cove, Port Dickson for 3 nights.

We didn't eat at the hotel, we went to a small restaurant called Scotty's next door. We had steak....again! It was cooked perfectly. I couldn't eat it all. The fries came before the meal. Why was that! Who knows. Had a couple of beers. Back to the hotel, watched the end of a film before bed.

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