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Tami Island

Tami hut

Tami dancers

Kundu drum

Tami girl at cemetery

Our next stop along the way up the coast of PNG was the Tami Islands. If Iwa was minuscule, Tami was a fleck in the ocean. The naturalist described it as a sand cay, created off a reef with the build up of sand which was visited by birds who brought seeds, and vegetation grew. But there is not the same kind of vegetation here that we saw on the prosperous Iwa. When the people set up market, we all felt it was more important to buy something to spread a little money around, whereas the people on Iwa seemed to have all they need.

An older group of Tami dancers performed a sing-sing for us and we walked around the village. Then we took a skiff out to a little spit of sand and did a little snorkeling.

We had dinner outdoors that night with two couples from Chicago, who were very good company. We all did our own sing-sing after dinner at the piano bar. Fortunately, George, the accompanist, just drowned us out when we got too off-key; the waiters shut the doors to give some peace to the rest of the boat. Tomorrow we are going up the Sepik River to visit the small village of Kopar.

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