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Last night we managed to stay up until 6:30pm and then I think we were all asleep in 5 seconds. I woke up around 2 am, then 4 (and texted mom for a bit) but we all managed to stay "sleepingish" until 6:30.

We went for something to eat, then came back to figure out the Garmin. We used it to walk to our rental car place. We then commenced with the most interesting driving experience ever.

Not only are the steering wheel and road orientation different then ours, apparently so are the windshield wipers and turn signals. We drove the 4 blocks back to our hotel with the wipers on most of the time.

We loaded up the car, set the Garmin an went. It was a very stressful drive for Keith, but I must say he kept his cool. It took us about 2 hours and twenty round-abouts in a row, but we made it to paradise.

Our two bedroom two bathroom apartment has 3 balconies, if you can believe it. It is in a forested area and looks down into beautiful fauna. It is a short walk to shops an ocean. We visited one of the two pools today. This evening after supper, we ran around on the beach and let the waves catch our toes. And I wasn't even freaked out by the hundreds of bats flying overhead. At least they were not dropping out of the sky!

Right now I am sitting on a balcony while Keith and simon watch tv. It is lightly raining off and on. Hindsight being 20/20, we would have travelled less during this trip and hung out here longer. I think we will just get the lay of the land and be on our way again. And Keith is not looking forward to driving again.

Tomorrow we will get some groceries so we can avoid some of the crazy meal prices. More pool and beach too. And lots of sunscreen.

I'm hoping tomorrow is all good and no stress I am glad we don't have to drive anywhere.

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