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Olympic venues



first recipient of a gold medal at the first winter Oympics

museum memorabilia -hockey masks



parade coats

1980 hockey goal and goalie equipment


hockey gold medal

Oympic torches




hockey arena

Lake Placid

Olympic alpine ski jumps



1930s bobsled - team Germany


bobsled run





ready to ride!


ski slopes


view from summit of Little Whiteface



gondola ride


We had so much fun at Lake Placid.

Lake Placid is best known as the two-time site of the Winter Olympics. Our first stop was to visit the Olympic museum which had all kinds of artifacts and interesting tidbits about the two Olympics. Lake Placid first hosted in 1932 and they hosted the event again 48 years later in 1980. In the United States, the village is especially remembered as the site of the 1980 USA–USSR hockey game, the so-called "Miracle on Ice", when a group of American college students and amateurs upset the heavily favored Soviet national ice hockey team 4–3 and two days later won the gold medal. The museum shows the video on a continuous reel! Another highpoint during the Games was speed-skater Eric Heiden's performance, winning five gold medals. Jack Shea, a resident of the village, became the first person to win two gold medals when he doubled in speed skating at the 1932 Winter Olympics. He carried the Olympic torch through Lake Placid in 2002 shortly before his death. His grandson, Jimmy Shea, competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah in his honor, winning gold in the Skeleton. During the 1980 Olympics, Lake Placid Middle/High School was issued an alcohol license. The school served as a private bar during the Olympics. It is the only high school in the United States to be issued an alcohol license. These are just a few of the interesting highlights of the museum.

We then went to the skiing areas. The ski jump was so amazingly high. When I stood at the top (an elevator ride to get there), I could not believe anyone actually jumped off it and lived to tell! We road the gondola up to the top of the ski hills. Unfortunately, it was a foggy day, o my pictures are not very spectacular!

The most exciting event for us though was the bobsled run. We actually got to ride a bobsled on the Olympic run. It was on wheels as there was no snow, and it "only" got up to 60mph, but it was really an adrenaline run! They provided a driver and a brakeman, so that us amateurs wouldn't crash and seriously injure ourselves! It was one of the most exciting things we have done this year!!

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