My 2014 Retirement Trip Hawaii travel blog

Bridge to Hanalei

Taro fields and wildlife sanctuary

Hawaiian duck


Irrigation of the taro fields and wildlife sanctuary

Bison being raised in Hawaii - Bison are not indigenous to Hawaii

Beach at Hanalei where we ate lunch

Opaekaa Falls

Opaekaa Falls

On our way back from Kilauea Point we went to Hanalei Valley. To get to Hanalei we had to drive over a renovated truss bridge. Our instructor (also an ecologist) complained FHWA wanted to give them a standard bridge and wouldn't give them money to renovate the truss because it was only one lane. They wanted to keep the one lane bridge because of its historic value. There were several other single lane bridges in the valley that also needed renovated and this was the trial case. Apparently he "won". He was quite proud the bridge had a wooden deck that welcomed visitors to the valley with the noise it made when a car drove over it. He also admitted on weekends there was a traffic backup trying to negotiate the bridge (because, of course, there were sharp right and left turns at the end of the bridge and they didn't want a stop light). I just felt sorry for the poor DOT PM that had to deal with him.

We had stopped by a Subway Sandwich shop to pick up subs and ate them at a park on the beach in Hanalei. Hanalei is a cute little laid back town, a throw back to the hippie colony days, with lots of little shops and restaurants. The town was only a couple blocks from the beach. We had the option to either swim or shop.

I needed to find a post office (Dad wanted a post card a day - easier said than done when I don't find that out until I am getting on the plane) - and of course, this being Sunday none were open and again, there were no accessible facilities to buy stamps or get boxes to mail stuff back. I didn't see a single corner mailbox anywhere in Hawaii.

I did walk along the beach before I went into the town. The beach near the park was not very clean. Homeless people hung out around the rest rooms. But further down the beach there was a fishing boardwalk that looked nice and around the other side the beach looked better.

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