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Well I'm only here a few more days and will be flying out on Saturday for Puerto Jiminez. I really like this town and will definitely be coming back despite the fact that it's probably the most expensive town in central america. I met a ton of people here and just last night I noticed I stopped and talked to probably 10 people on my way to supper, which is 100 meters from my condo. It's kinda nice to have friends and acquaintances all over.

I was hoping to do some offshore fishing with my friend Cory but that only works if his boat isn't booked. We just learned this morning that he got a last minute booking. We had planned to go for marlin and stay out overnight to make it a 2 day trip but unfortunately that fell through. I'll go visit with him and his family anyways and watch the superbowl there somewhere. If I stay till the 15th then we might still be able to do an overnighter, but that might mean I won't get as much time in Granada. Oh well, I guess I'll head to Panama instead. I'll play this section of the trip by ear.

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to rent a house on the beach in Nicaragua. I can find one but they want a bank transfer, but I'm obviously no where near my I guess well see how that works out and I might have to physically go there and hand them money. That's not a problem as long as they reserve it for me otherwise its a crap shoot. Oh well. The hostel is like $12 a night.

Well the next time you hear from me I'll be in a different town.

Miss and love you all


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