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Tully Gorge

Alligaters Nest

The Tree Top Walk in Mamu Park

Tower at Manu Tree Top walk

View from top of Tower at Mamu

Happy Hour on Mission Beach

Sunrise Mission Beach to Dunk Island

Dawn Australia Day 2014 (Paradise)

Tuesday 21st January

Today was a bit of a slow day for us, we just hung around Mission Beach and had a nice quiet day. Steph did all the washing, as it was looking like a fine day, unfortunately just as we finished the clouds come over again and so we had to hang it all under the awning..not nice Huey!!!

Wednesday 22nd January

Today we headed for Tully Gorge which is about 65 kms from Mission Beach. It is a bit of a drive but very interesting as you follow the creek up to the Hydro system. This creek is used for white water rafting, unfortunately our timing was out, and we missed seeing a group come through, rafting the Gorge starting at the Hydro plant. It would of been interesting because there is not a lot of water in the creek at the moment. Apparently all the rafters pay a fee for the water department to release water as part of what they pay to do. Again it rained every time we stopped for a look see...or walk down to the creek bed. There were a couple of nice camping areas, but again in the National Parks and bookings are essential to stay there.

Another stop at the Woolworths on way home.

Thursday 23rd January

Today was a tour day of checking out some of the towns and free camping areas on the way to Townsville. Cardwell is a very nice on the ocean town, Ingham is bigger and more on estuary than ocean, and Hulls Head, Rollingstone and Balgal Beach are all small village type areas, and then to Crystal Creek and Jourama Falls on the way back. There are quite a few free or cheap spots to stay, some of which we thought to take off to on Friday 24/01/2014, but as we checked them out they were already filling up for the long weekend. Although they look good it seems that they will be packed out and you have no guarantee you will be able to get in.

So we have decided to stay at Mission Beach until Monday. Dave will book us into the Paluma National Park, Big Crystal Creek Camp, at only $11.20 per night we thought this would be great. Then move to Rollingstone for another 48 hours or so, as we are looking forward to catching up with Ngaire and Rose, and meeting Michael the following Friday. We have had a phone call from my nephew Brad whose home is in Toowoomba, it looks like we are going to House sit mid February for 10 days. Which will be great, as Steph really wants to give the van a real good clean up as the poor thing is looking really dirty, even with all the rain. We are going to free camp for a few days as we start heading towards Toowoomba.

Friday 24th January

What started as another quiet day around Mission Beach, we are really enjoying this area and the beach. Today we booked our extension, and were looking for a heap of people to arrive to spend the weekend at the beach, but it seems this is not the place for the long weekend crowds.

Unfortunately we have had a fair bit of rain over a few days, but as we are in the tropics you get rain in the morning, then it fines up to a nice day in the afternoon, before the rain comes in again which makes a sometimes cool nights sleep. We both struggle a bit with the humidity.

We went back to the Information Centre and found out about Alligator's Nest (a great swimming hole) and Lacey Creek and we decided to go for another little drive (only about 100km round trip). We packed a lunch and off we went. It was quite lovely and Steph found a local lady to chat too and so she was happily chatting and hanging on to her noodle while trying not to be swept downstream to the small lot of rapids...I did try to get her to be a little more adventurist but NOOOOOO....

Saturday 25th January

Today Dave thought we might as well go and check out the Mamu Treetop Walk, without thinking about it too much, set it up in the GPS and ended up in the middle of nowhere (end of track anyway) and an area where we had travelled previously, near Paronella Park, so a recalculation in the GPS and we were back on the right track and after only about 40kms detour, we arrived and found out the cost was $16.00 each and included a 1120 meter each way rainforest floor walk as part of the walk and treetop walk then there is the tower which is 37 meters high, Steph went all the way to the top, the views are fantastic to the bottom of the Gorge and watching the rapids and creek flowing through. Dave's knees are a bit tender from all the beach, Falls and creek walks we have been doing, so he stopped on the second level.

On the way back we fueled up and went to the South Mission Woolworths to get Bread and fresh Milk only to find it closed at 5:01 and not opening again until Tuesday, ooops, the little convenience store will be raking it in tomorrow, 2ltr milk $5.00 and no bread, 2 tomatoes $2.00.

Sunday 26th January

Happy Australia Day


Today we are going to stay around the caravan and have a few drinks to celebrate Australia Day, and start getting packed up, ready to head to an area in Paluma NP called Big Crystal Creek, which is a nice free camp that we found the other day. With camping in Queensland National Parks you MUST pre-book any camping area you want to camp in. So I have registered and pre-booked the park, apparently there will be only 2 other people with us tomorrow, and we will be on our own on Tuesday Night. For info, we will probably not have any phone or internet for the two days we are there. On Wednesday we are heading to another Free camp called "Bushy Parker Park" which is at Rollingstone and about 45kms North of Townsville. We hope Steph's niece Ngaire and her hubby Michael are coming up and meet up with us on Friday. We are looking forward to this because we have not met Michael yet.

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