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Classy dinner in a classy resort - BBQd bologna!

Arriving for the Thursday Men's Dinner

Good morning!

And good night


We are in Buddy Pad #4. These fancy coaches were our neighbours...

Super Bowl!

At Redlands Truck


The Abraham Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands

A beautiful old public library building



A tight fit

Where we spent night #2

Site C32 at East Shore RV overlooking Lake Puddingstone

A remote control Traxxas drone at the track

Matt Hagan

Testing out a new portable camera


The crowd

Shane Gray and Shane Tucker (Australia)

Starting line from Friday's seats in Section 2

Jeff Arend (yellow) from Montreal

Jack Beckman and Cruz Pedregon

Ron Capps

Doug Kalitta

Spencer Massey and Antron Brown

John Force and Matt Hagan

Brittany Force

Good Year blimp

General Jerry Lee

Australia team Auzmet Architecturial - great people!

Alberta team SynOil

Courtney and Brittany Force

Early morning traffic on I-605

Our first view of LAX

Our site at Dockweiler State Beach #40, a pull-in site

Yay! We're at the ocean!


On top of the berm


Our site from the berm



We're very close to the runway

Curvy palm tree

Makin' bacon!

The sun setting over the berm

Start of the sunset from the top of the berm



We were all watching the sunset!



Helicopters up and down the beach too







Won't see any sunset this day!

Sailboat in the main channel into Marina Del Rey

The main channel




The Grand Canal at low tide

Houses on the Grand Canal

Guest mooring slips

Info Centre

Boats in the boat repair yard




We were driving under this plane as it landed. Fortunately we were...




The park in the sunshine

Hyperion Waste Treatment Plant

Los Angeles River

Warship at Seal Beach

Oil platform

Tower Propane at Sunset Beach

Another oil platform

Surfer dudes - don't these people work?

Huntington Beach


Looking towards Balboa Island from Newport Beach

Newport Beach

New house on the cliff at Laguna

Laguna Beach

Marine Corps training at Camp Pendleton





We arrived in Indio at Desert Shores RV Resort a day early, after deciding not to stay in the dust in Quartzsite. They put us in our usual site - Buddy Pad#4 - we jokingly said we'd like to buy it (since we can't afford any of the other sites)! We are here at least for our free week that we won at last year's FMCA Rally. We touched base with our friends Bruce and Betty. Wednesday we went to Stuft Pizza for lunch. We'd been introduced to this restaurant in Old La Quinta last year and funnily enough our friend Tom and Marla from Surrey were there too! Thursday Larry and Bruce went to the Men's Dinner at the clubhouse. This is a monthly event. This began 10 days of big meals! Friday we went to Tom and Marla's for a wonderful steak dinner with Jim and Ingrid, also from Surrey.

Saturday there was a potluck dinner at the clubhouse. It was supposed to start at 5:30 but most people showed up at 5:00 and started eating right away so by 5:30 some of the food was gone. Apparently this happens all the time. Anyway a good group. We love the people in this resort, they are all so friendly. Numerous people stopped by our site to chat. Tuesday we met our friends Larry and Diane from Swan Lake at Jackalope for Happy Hour. Wednesday we met our Outdoor Resort friends from last year, Brad and Cheryl, Cathy and Larry, at Kobe for a delicious dinner. Thursday they came to our site for Happy Hour. Friday we went back to Stuft Pizza, this time for dinner with Bruce and Betty. Saturday we had Larry and Diane over for dinner. Sunday was Super Bowl. They had an event at the clubhouse of course with a big screen TV. The tables were beautifully decorated with colours from both teams. People from the park provided sliders and beans. Everyone else brought snacks to go with them. The best team won!

During the time we were in Indio we looked at numerous houses for rent. We are thinking that either next year or the year after we will not bring the coach, but rent instead. With the lower Canadian dollar and the price of fuel, it's not always the best way to travel. There are lots of places to rent so we won't have any trouble when we decide to do it.

Monday the 3rd we left about 6:30 a.m. to go to Redlands Truck and RV. We had some concern with wear on the front passenger side tire. We had had an alignment done in Kamloops. We spent the day mostly at Redlands, reading and/or working on Swan Lake Council stuff. We had a great lunch at Carolyn's Cafe, our very favourite place to eat. It turned out that they couldn't finish the work so we had to stay on the street overnight. They have 50 amp service and water so no problem. We met some nice people who were also waiting - Dave and Lynn from Hemet CA, Mike and Linda from Livingston TX. It ended up we all had to stay overnight again - they were on the street, we were at the alternate shop with no hook-ups. Again no problem - we have the generator. We were up early and went in search of coffee and a donut - Karen's Donuts - lovely people and super fresh donuts. When we left there we were behind someone who had snow on their car! We checked out the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Shrine. We weren't able to go in because it didn't open until 1:00. It is part of a complex which includes a beautiful public library that we established in 1898. The Shrine is the only West Coast memorial dedicated to Lincoln and Civil War. It was built in 1932 and in 1998 underwent a big expansion. We drove around the area and found a street (Olive) full of mansions from the late 1800s. Lunch was at Carolyn's again. Redlands finally said we could go. They had done an alignment the first day and a tire rotation the second day. The third day they re-tested the alignment and found it ok. On to Pomona. We were thankful that they hadn't let us go on Tuesday because driving the short distance to Pomona is not fun in rush hour. It was much better on Wednesday, even though we were two days later than expected.

We had a credit on file from last year because of our problems with the electricity so the total charge for 5 days was 44 cents! Not a bad deal. The races were excellent again. It's hard to find any new pictures to take but there are always new impressions to report. The smells - food (BBQ, popcorn), nitro, burning rubber. Two-legged people, one-legged people, one guy with his knee wrapped outside his pyjama pants! They ran out of handicapped parking on Sunday - it's the general feeling that a lot of people are using someone's else's handicapped pass. One year, apparently, the police were actually checking ID against passes. They probably need to do that again. Hairstyles - strange cuts, lots of hair product, long hair, short hair, no hair - and that's all just men! And who would have thought so many from Southern California actually owned UGGs! It was quite cool the first couple of days. Our seats for Saturday and Sunday are perfect. Only four seats in our row - the people we met on Sunday (Robert and Janice) have had the same seats for about 15 years.

We left Pomona on Monday the 10th. We were aiming for Dockweiler State Beach, a new park for us, just west of LA in Playa Del Rey and, as it turns out, right under the takeoff runway for LAX! The planes took off all day and some in the night. We got used to it. We were early because it was only a short drive (I-10 to I-605 to I-105 to the ocean) from Pomona and had to pay an extra $17. What a beautiful spot! There is a winter sand berm the length of the park to protect it from winter storms so we couldn't actually see the water from our site but how wonderful to smell ocean air again. There was a great bike/walking path all the way along the shore and it was well-used.

The other thing some may see as a detriment was that the park is right below the Hyperion Waste Treatment Plant. It's huge and handles waste from four sewer lines from LA and 29 other lines from other areas. The first night there was quite a smell but the rest of the time it was ok. Depends on the direction of the wind. For more information check out We decided to lay low the first day.

Unfortunately when we got up the second day it was to dense fog. It lasted all day. Finally after lunch we decided to drive up the road to Marina Del Rey. It would have been prettier in the sunshine but we got the idea. Miles of canals off the main channel filled with boats. The fog finally lifted around 10 pm. It was lovely and sunny on Wednesday for our drive to San Diego. The route we took was I-105 to I-405 to I-710 to the Pacific Coast Highway (to Dana Point) then I-5 to the turnoff for the park at Mission Bay. We have a love/hate relationship with the Interstates - they are not always smooth, the lanes seem narrow because of the hundreds of trucks that pass every day - but - they do get you there!

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