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December 18, 2013

I stayed in Jowie last night. Hotel Broadway. What a shit holes 400Rs. I should have gave him 200Rs. and called it a day. A small roach tried to keep me company. I did not kill it I just kept pushing it on the floor. After three times I did not see it anymore. There was a hotel a while back where I found a two incher in the shitter. I wanted him to stay there so I fed him a muffin. I did not check to see how much he ate. There was a TV but it didn’t work. I had to get the boy I change the sheet.

I got up at 6am and was on the road by 7am. I wanted to avoid this traffic. This must be the corridor for everything going to Manipur. Its all trucks and they spew the blackness. Some time’s they rev up to red line for about one minute all the time just spewing the blackest exhaust possible. It reminds me of a big rig drag race. I don’t know whey they do this; maybe it’s to clean the injectors.

I had a truck blow its rear tyre next to the other day. Scared the shit out of me.

I have filled this note book 32 pages back to back.

Fuck me, it was cold this morning. Suu Kyi told me it was only four degrees. When we drove into a nearby valley it dropped to a half a degree. There was a layer of frost on the ground. I don’t know the elevation but it must be high. There are a lot pine trees around. I was warm last night with the musty blanket that was provided. The cover of the blanket was dirty but I did have a clean sheet to sleep on.

I am writing in a small village about10 km’s out of Jowai. They serve red chai I am having a few cups sans the sugar.

I woke up dejected and disillusioned about the journey. I am going places but not seeing the sights. I do stop a lot to chat with the locals at the chai stalls. I am learning a lot about the people in the various states. I have seen so many temples in various states in the past, to see another it would have to be something special. Today I am struggling whether I should go to Cherapunji.

I am now in Shillong and I have decided to go to Cherapunji. Apparently it is the wettest place on earth. There is an eight hour round trip hike to a village on the North side of the Bangladeshi border that makes bridges over streams and rivers out of the roots of living trees. I have seen these in National Geographic. I must go.

I just spoke with Mark and all is well. I like talking to him. He always lifts me up I think him and Derek are depression proof.

I must get a new note pad before leaving Shillong. I will get one in Cherapunji but I hate looking for this shit. It’s easy when I am walking but when I am driving and trying to find something. Good Luck.

I am currently on the hunt for a plastic five amp fuse for the compressor. No one seems to have one, I even went to an electronics store. I should have brought one more. Oh Well! What can I do?

My boots are coming apart. The bottom on the soles are replaceable. They are bolted onto the main sole through recessed holes. In South America the soft rubber replacement soles become so worn that thing exposed the bolts and thus shaved some of the heads clean off. When I bought new replacement soles I couldn’t unscrew them. I cut the heads of some with a Dremel but some were rusted solid into the main soles inserts. In Canada I had a boot walla remove the main soles from the boot so I could drill out the inserts and replace them with new stainless steel ones. He wouldn’t guarantee the work because the main sole is made out of a hard plastic and any type of glue he had would not adhere 100%. They are separating now. I will try to fix them with what I have Gasket maker. So far it’s only the left boot. The boots are worth CAN$600.00. I didn’t want to have to buy a new pair.

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