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this looks no where as steep as it actually was!

forest rats re really tasty and worth the effort to dig em...

Day 19

The last 'trek' we went on was a stroll along a road. I thought this mornings walk would be the same. Not so. Up nearly vertical paths just wide enough for my back side. Soon after we started it was apparent to our guide we would need walking sticks. A helicopter was offered also! It was very misty as we set out and walked further into the clouds. Thinking cloud was all we were going to see was a little disappointing. We saw mountains come and go. Villagers gathering thatch. Villagers moving house. Creeks, rat holes and where the rice is grown in the rainy season. In the distance we heard gunfire. Sometimes as little as a slug gun and others like a cannon. They make their own bullets here you see. It was a delightful if energetic trek. It was not long before our jumpers were off and we walked the calm, isolated paths to the remains of various rice fields. And so QUIET. We were in hidden valleys away from everyone. We needed exercise after sitting most of yesterday and we certainly got it. The worst part was walking across a recent landslide. The guide kept saying be careful!!! What else were we to do? A most enjoyable experience.

To top off the day we learnt to plant rice and Chris had another massage after a few games of petenque. Last one aggravated her sciatica, hoping for a better result today.

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