Alan and Paula hit Australia 2003/2004 travel blog

Alright Hot Shot.

Pity about the soccer. Where are you now?

Unfortunately things haven't gone quite so smoothly since we got back. I missed work on Monday with a dose of the flu and then Paula started complaining of pains in her stomach on Tuesday. She missed work on Thursday and we thought it was constipation or something so she took a few laxatives but that didn't ease the pain which was pretty bad at that stage.

We decided to go up to the hospital once i got back from work if it hadnt eased. Then I get a message at 2 o' clock that she's been admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. Straight back to Griffith, up to the hospital and they have her in a general ward on a drip and everything.

Thankfully Vikky had quit her job the day before and was with her all day. Turned out not to be her appendix, but they did an ultrasound and diagnosed it as a "build up of fluid" so they kept her in for the past two nights but she's out now thank god and has to rest for a week. Still dont know what caused it or anything, doctor was a bit vague.

So that was our drama for the week, could go without any more for a few weeks.

Was talking to Sean last night, sounded well. Doing bar work at the weekend as well as the other job. Looking forward to going away in April or so he thinks. Sounds like he'll be happy to have us home.

The football is starting up in a week or so, was saying Matteo, Adain Browne, Hector and Jonny are still involved.

What about the Ryder Cup? Printed off a class picture of Tiger Woods with a dude in the background with the score carrier yoke that had Harrington/McGinley 2 up on Woods/Love. Fair play to them.

Hope to see the United game on Tuesday. Rooney to score 2!!!!!!!!.

Any news let us know.

Alan and Paula

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