Alan and Paula hit Australia 2003/2004 travel blog

Hello again.

Sorry it's been a while but we havent been up to that many exciting things of late. At the mo, we're in Griffith, NSW, which produces roughly 30% of Australias citrus fruit and has a large assortment of wineries in the area.

The town is mainly occupied by people of Italian descent who came here after the war and there are many Italian restaurants(which we can't afford) on the main street. The population is only around 25,000 and the centre comprises of one main street so it's handy to get around. It's pretty cold here at the moment with temperatures around 14 during the day and it rains occasionally.

The hostel we're in used to be an old school dormitory for people from outide the area so it's well set up to cater for 50-60 people. There is not that much to do around here, but the work is constant so we are hopefully going to go to New Zealand at the end of August and then come back here again before going to the West Coast and Uluru and then home.

We are actually part of the hostel staff at the moment. Before me and Paula were sharing a mixed sex dorm with two blokes, with a partition in the middle of the room. But now we have our own little flat with 2 other girls with our own TV,DVD,Playstation 2,video the lot.

All we have to do is clean the kitchen area on saturday and sunday morning, which is quite demanding at 7.00 with a thumping hangover and alcohol still flowing through your veins. And our rent is 60 dollars cheaper than the rest of the hostel. Brill. We organise events like BBQs and last night the girls organised a pyjama party that went a bit crazy after everyone had a few cups of our "rocket fuel" punch.

Next weekend we are going to a "traditional" Xmas dinner at a local pub and having a table tennis competition the next day. So its all good at the moment.

I think at this stage we have around 2,500 photos so that will make for a good nights entertainment when we go home. Can't wait now.

Tipp and Galway both sitting idle already. What is the world coming to. Tell John he's going to have to take the reins at one of them jobs soon.

Read all about the Fibbers fiasco. Sounds like a PR stunt to me.

Can't tell if anything else of interest happened.

Hope everybody is keeping well back home.

Slan for now


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