Alan and Paula hit Australia 2003/2004 travel blog

Hello Suvi.

Great to hear from you. It sounds as though you're having a blast. It's raining a lot in Grifith but apart from that, things are good. Paula, Victoria, Rachel and me are living in the flat downstairs now. HE HE. Cheap rent and our own telly and stereo and DVD and video and kitchen.

Victoria is the bitch slave who has to jump when Cesar says so. We organised a Free BBQ for everyone on Friday which was great and then last night we had a pyjama party in the TV room which was cool. At the start there was just a few of us, but then a lot of punch was drunk and the party took off. There was a lot of mess to clean up this morning. We're trying to organise lots of cool stuff to make the stay here more enjoyable.

Anywho, got to go back to bed now, my head is sweating.

Enjoy every second


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