Sylvia's Asia Adventure 2013-14 travel blog

Nareth & Sylvia-breakfast on last day

Full moon on the Tonle Sap!

Thy & Sylvia-TukTuk

There are signs I can’t ignore. Transition time is here. I find myself scraping the bottom of the peanut butter jar; using the last Kleenex in the box; seeing only 2 pages left in the notebook for writing down interview notes; using the last of the AAA batteries in the audio recorder; stuffing suitcase with new books; taking the last vitamin brought from home; feeling contentment and gratitude for a magical and guided adventure in this amazing country.

Breakfast with Nareth, and saying goodbye. Thy comes today at 7:30pm to take me to the airport. I leave my hotel room at noon, so nothing to do except enjoy my favorite spot by the river and my most favorite foods. Maybe a manicure.

It’s been wonderful having you join me along this journey. That inspired me to continue writing, especially with the encouragement from some of you who periodically told me you were enjoying reading.

Tonight I’m flying to Portland, Oregon, via Seoul, Korea and Chicago, IL. I’ll be in an intensive training program there for five weeks, then back in Lowell in March. I look forward to seeing many of you on my return, and to keeping in touch with others via internet and phone. Thanks for being part of my world, and sharing this incredible journey with me!

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