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i>Carpe Diem rests at Camping World
After 450+ miles a rest is most...

Main street Sanderson Texas along US 90

Federal 90 in northwest Texas
A beautiful and delightful drive

Tethered radar blimp at USAF site along US 90

We enter the "super slab" at Van Horn

We "found" an hour in Western Texas...

Sat, 11 Jan: A long, long day's drive...

Today was one of those "exception days". We are most comfortable with drives of from 120 to 200 miles, but today's marathon 440 mile run was an exception, but we (and Carpe) survived. Gaining an hour by moving into the Mountain Time Zone did help some.

We overnited at the Del Rio Wal*Mart and had every intention of driving a "normal" 180 miles to Alpine, Texas. We got rolling at a reasonable 0800 and picked up US 90, a beautiful federal route that runs from Del Rio thru western Texas to Interstate 10 at Van Horn. The road is in beautiful condition with virtually no traffic.

We made excellent time and arrived at our planned overnite boondock spot, a picnic area ten miles east of Alpine, a bit before noon. We had lunch and made a decision to continue to El Paso. We switched drivers every 80-90 miles so we stayed "fresh", and picked up Interstate 10 at Van Horn and continued west toward El Paso.

Shortly after hitting the Interstate we entered the Mountain Time Zone and "found" an hour that we'd "lost" this past summer (for consistency, all times here are Central Time). We stopped at a Pilot/Flying J east of El Paso at 1638 and added more than 75 gallons of diesel to the tank.

Back on the road we continued toward town to the Wal*Mart shown as "parkable" in all of our listings. Bob pulled into the parking lot and we were surrounded by Saturday shoppers in a very, very small lot with very tight aisles. Somehow he managed to get us out of there and back on I 10 with nary a scratch. Watta Guy!!!

At mile marker #2 we exited the Interstate and pulled into a Camping World lot a few minutes before six. Bob was exhausted as he had to negotiate that very tight Wally and then the Saturday afternoon traffic thru El Paso. Once set up Happy Hour was more welcome than usual (and it is usually most welcome!)

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