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This was in the closet at the hotel in Guangzhou!

Our flight left Kathmandu on time and we arrived in Guangzhou, China 45 minutes early. Must have had a good tail wind! We had originally been scheduled to have a layover of 7 hours and 50 minutes and were not looking forward to sitting in an airport, where a cup of coffee costs $10, for that long. To our surprise, when we reached immigration, the officer said that because our layover was now over 8 hours, we had the option of a free hotel room if we wanted it. We did! China now has a new rule that if you've got a layover of 72 hours or less, you can leave the airport without a Visa. What an efficient operation! A sticker with a number on it was slapped on our sleeves and we were ushered into a waiting room with free coffee, tea, water, coke, snacks. We waited for about an hour and then were led to a bus along with a bunch of other weary travellers. It seemed like we drove half way across China before reaching the hotel but really it was only about 30 minutes. An interesting opportunity to get a look at a modern Chinese city and we were impressed! Very modern and clean. We figured it would take a while to process rooms for everyone on the bus but it was only a few minutes. They had everyone in, passports photocopied, room keys issued along with a voucher for a free breakfast in minutes. They even told us that there would be a wakeup call 30 minutes before the bus was due to leave. The room was hilarious, a suite really, with a separate sitting room, too bad we were too tired to enjoy it! We ended up only having about 4 hours at the hotel but it was much appreciated. We had a sleep and a shower and felt much better than if we'd hung out at the airport. Heading back to the airport now for the rest of our journey. Another 13 hours on the plane followed by 3 hours in Vancouver before the 90 minute flight to Calgary. Then a one hour drive to Canmore....

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