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Tuesday 7 January

Day 7 - Sea day travelling between Cuba and Haiti towards Costa Rica

We're getting into a routine now. It's been really smooth sailing with barely a ripple and glorious sunny days so the cruising is perfect. We've been having breakfast (sensible you'll be glad to hear) in our rooms every morning at half six and that then encourages us to get up and going. John does his walk around the deck and visits the gym while I have my swim. A lady noticed my routine this morning and suggested we got a group together to to the exercises together. So that's what happening tomorrow, another sea day. It should be fun with several mini whales in the water at one time!

We're playing Trivial pursuit twice a day on sea Days and don't do too badly considering. We've already met some really nice people from all over the world including one American woman who has just migrated to the next suburb to us on the Gold Coast! She was born in Australia but lived in the States most of her life. The world is sometimes a small place! Apparently there are 35 Australians aboard and I think we've met about half of them already. Most however are American or Canadian, but there quite a few from the UK and variousEuropean countries. Apparently 15 different nationalities are represented.

John is playing the golf putting competition every day and was second yesterday and won today. He's very proud of himself!

Tonight we had our first formal dinner and I must admit my husband looked delicious in his dinner jacket. I wore the purple silk kaftan that was made for me for the last cruise. We didn't look bad together and will enclose a photo when we're off satellite Internet. We've been to a couple of shows and they have been marvellous. The ship's singers and dancers put on a show of the famous musicals and it was one of the best we have ever seen. Tonight was a jazz singer and pianist and she was superb. We thought coming on a small ship the shows would be skimped on a bit but we are really impressed. It's all been so enjoyable.

One bonus is that we keep on getting free gifts including four bottles of spirits, a bottle of champagne, all the soft drinks and bottled water we want, 2 nice carry bags, a leather security wallet with a lanyard each and the list goes on. We are pretty impressed! We are not going to have to spend much extra at this rate!

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