Dave Steph Aussie Loop 2012 travel blog

The view from Rocky Point

The old swimming hole from years ago

The Causeway at Whyanbeel Creek

Newell Beach looking South

A Swing set up at Newell Beach

Newell Beach looking North

Croc territory !! River meets Sea at Newell

Inlet at Newell Beach (Mud Crab area)

A tropical rain shower at the park

The pool I want in my back yard at home

The other pools in the park, yes they have two pools. NICE

Wednesday 8th January

Yesterday we decided to have a more thorough look around the local area and also go to see the Mossman Gorge. First stop is just up the road from the Caravan Park, Rocky Point. There is a small groyne and boat ramp and nice views back to the shore.

We then went looking for a swimming hole along one of the creeks, that Steph (when about 5 years old) can remember her parents taking the kids to for a swim, but can remember her dad getting the kids to pick up some of the stones from the creek bed to take back to the house he was building so he could finish the leach drains. We believe we eventually found the correct swimming hole, but not 100% sure. This was also a nice drive through the cane and farming areas, saw some really lovely homes hidden amongst the rainforest covered hills as well. So Private.

We then headed off to Newell Beach for a more leisurely look at her childhood neighbourhood. After having a look at the shore line, where you can see that the Palm trees are slowly falling into the ocean, we are not sure but think this is because of the damage done by the cyclones of recent times.

This has bought back some memories for Steph, we then went hunting for her old childhood house. After a bit of driving around we believe we found it. Was a bit hard for Steph trying to remember exactly where the house was as it was 40+ years ago when she left the area. The house was built by hand by her Dad and Mother, you could do this in their day. It actually had a large hedge in front of it so we could not get a decent photo.

We then decided that we would go and have a look at the Mossman Gorge, this has changed a lot over the years and you now cannot drive into the Gorge, between 8am and 6pm, you have to take a shuttle bus up to the Gorge ($6 each return). Staff advised most people tend to stay for 3 hours or more. As it was just before 4pm we decided that we would not go into the Gorge today but come back another day, as it has a lot of picnic area and has been set up for an extended time stay there.

So we did our small shop and replenished the beer and ice, and then we headed back to the park for an early leisurely swim in the pool, which was about the same temperature as our bodies, but still good and when we exited the breeze was lovely. We met a couple with two teenagers on holiday from Innisfail and had a lovely chat about the area, he had been raised in this area as well.

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