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Another example of determination-Carrying a Spirit House on a Moto

And another-Exercising along the Tonle Sap

Respect can go a long way. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be Southern, and a little outrageous. Realizing I only have a week and a half left here, I began the morning with a dash of desperation and a big dose of determination. I headed off to get contacts for Takeo Province and Paññasatra University (PCU), the places that promised, but have yet to connect me with students I can interview. Dalin, the office assistant/receptionist at DC-CAM, was pleased when I asked about his New Year holiday in Siem Reap. I remembered from our brief encounter last week that he was going there. By the end of the morning he had promised to get contacts, suggested a date, and mentioned a possible interpreter for the trip.

At Paññasatra University (PCU) I walked in to see if I could meet in person the “contact” who had not responded to emails or texts. A nice young man, Saplin, eventually found out that she is in the Province until Wednesday. Not to be deterred, I pulled out from my pocket last night’s research—my back-up plan—the name of the Dean who oversees the program on Peace and Conflict. I asked Saplin if I might meet him. Saplin was very hesitant, because “you don’t have an appointment, and they are very strict.” I kindly encouraged him to ask, and he timidly knocked on Dean Gilbert’s door, taking him my Lesley card. The result was, if I could wait until he completed his morning appointments, he would see me for a few minutes. After waiting, then spending 40 minutes in his office commiserating about the work of deans, then explaining my project, he called in his assistant Kim to come immediately to meet with me. He gave Kim the assignment: find me a random sample of students in the first year and another in the senior year, and set up appointments for them to meet me! Love it when the hierarchy works in my favor!

After lunch I set off for the local market with a backpack full of books only available in Cambodia (at DC-CAM), and on my search for, yes, another bag for those books for my return flight! Back at the hotel, content with my new Adidas sports bag and my morning adventures, it was time for a nap!

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