Liz and John's South American Grand Cruise 2014 travel blog

After 14 months of anticipation, planning and spending money we were ready to leave home at 6am. We went through our numerous check lists yet again, put all our cases on the driveway, checked everything in the house and garden (again!), put the alarm on, and locked up the house. We hoped Sam, Pal and Possum were already enjoying their holiday stay at the 'Cottage' for long stay residents! It was awful leaving them yesterday for so long! At 6am on the dot our luxury business transport arrived. We got everything in OK and we were off.

We had received so many good wishes from friends and family over the past couple of days we felt as though this was going to be a very special time for us. There was no traffic so it was a good run to the airport and we were processed at the airport very quickly and efficiently. Virgin has always done us proud. We are now sitting in the Business Lounge, eating breakfast, catching up on emails and the like. We have no idea how often we will be able to send another blog and this is just the first so I can learn how to use the technology!

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