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Nareth-Khmer Tutor

My morning started very early in an attempt to avoid the traffic sure to be associated with the large demonstration planned for today along my route to the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Good planning, as “Freedom” (his adopted name) wove his Tuk-Tuk through the streets without difficulty. Another free chiropractic adjustment reminded me how much I value my driver Thy, who has just left for his wife’s brother’s wedding in the countryside, and won’t be back for a week! The young woman I met to interview suggested we talk at a nearby coffee shop. She was delightful. The coffee shop was quiet, although populated with many students who covered the floor with electric strips they shared to hook up their computers and access wi-fi.

In the afternoon Nareth arrived at my hotel for my first Khmer lesson of this trip, and let me know that she has been offered, and accepted, the job as executive director of a small non-profit helping youth in poverty situations attain education. A perfect job for her. So, my Khmer lessons are limited! My hotel family, especially the grandfather, were thoroughly entertained by my attempts to pronounce “ng” sounds totally foreign to English. We all had a good laugh.

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