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We are in a different place

I love doors these were really neat

The Medina in Tunis very old shopping area

Ruins of Carthage and me

Carthage looking out to the sea

We were excited to step off the ship and into another world today Africa. Well it is Africa but North Africa which is more like the Middle East. We took an all day tour and while interesting it was dirty and a little scarey. First we went to the Bardo museum which houses some of the best Roman Mosaics in the world. These were amazing like paintings and done with small chips of pottery but most amazing done close to 2000 years ago. After the museum we ventured into the Medina the bowels and I mean bowels of the city into a maze of shops and dark little alleys. We had a guide and were in a group so we did not feel to threatened. The idea is if you want to buy something you bargain. The prices started out way high and ended up low but we wanted price stickers. We then went for a buffet lunch with typical foods for the area not bad. Carthage was the next stop and the ruins were impressive the Romans were handy people. Nathalie and Connie were upset that I never got in pictures so I have included one with me just to shut them up. After seeing Tunisia I would not go back. It is very dirty I have never seen so much household trash piled up all over the streets everywhere you look and barbed wire and soilders around all public buildings. When we returned to the ship we found that most everyone who took the tours to town did not wish to return.

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