Connie, Nathalie and Ann Do Europe OH NO travel blog

There will be not photos today I should have had my camera but I did not. We started off with a slot pull with a group of online people. We were all trying for the 20,000. jackpot but did not get it of course. Next we were off to a meet and greet also with people from the online website that we signed up for some of our cruises with. After that we sat in the sun around the pool then they began a barbeque so of course we had to eat. We were just lazy the rest of the day until the evening when we watched all the people get dressed up for the formal night we stayed in sweats and jeans. Then we watched the great acrobatic show the main theater. After that it was off to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire of course I signed up everyone they called a guy from Minnesota and then they called Connie. With the help of a very strange reindeer Connie got to be a Millionaire problem is she only got a NCL pen, beach ball, koozie, keychain and deck of cards. I think she would kill me if it was legal. Nathalie and I laughed all the way.....

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