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Remains of the old town

Peeping Tom Nathalie

The picture does not do it justice

One of the many squares around town

Docking in Valencia we decided to just roam around on foot no tours. We ended up in the old part of town and found of course the Cathedral which was beautiful the pictures do not do it justice. We as you can see had to get Nathalie under control since she was peeping in windows and we did not have enough euros for bail. Valencia was a great Spanish town very clean and lots of shopping areas so we found items to take back to the ship. The suitcases are getting heavier. We made it to Market Central where they buy the food for the day this place was very clean and such a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, chicken feet and heads if you would like. Much cheese and wine also. After customary Tapas it was back to the ship.

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