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The landscape is changing. This RV park had a more mountain feel.

it was refreshingly rustic.

Tallahassee is the capitol of Florida. This is actually the 'old' capitol.

It's now a museum.

Greg and Barb go back in time.

Remembering the Bush/Gore election of 2000.

The election hinged on the recount of Florida votes.

The new capitol - it's actually a tower behind the old capitol.

But the views are great at the top.

Looking downtown.

Back on the ground downtown.

The city could use a little maintenance.

Off to the Florida History Museum.

Giant armidillos once roamed.

And giant mastadons.

Recreation of village life along the St. John River back in 1450.

You might not know that lumber was once Florida's largest resource. This...

We now know florida for it's Citrus.

Some of the many citrus labels throughout the years.

Snowbirds are nothing new. They called it Tin Can tourism back in...

A promotional poster from the 20's.

Greg takes the helm of this steamboat.

The landscape has noticeably changed now that we're in Tallahassee. There's more pine trees and less palm trees plus there's hills! Our RV Park was nestled among the pine trees and provided a nice change.

Some more strange rules though. This one said no washers & dryers - huh? Barb thought maybe she should ask before using her curling iron:) One funny moment - a $2 million dollar Prevost motor home pulled in and after getting setup, they walked over and used the park's showers (which reminded us of outhouses). What a shame to let that travertine and glass tiled shower with imported European faucets go to waste.

Back to Tallahassee.. it is the capitol of Florida with a population of approximately 187,000. It had been a while since we visited a capitol building so the next day we took the tour. While taking a snapshot, I couldn't help but notice a tall building right behind it. I asked Barb "why would they allow construction of a towering building right behind the capitol?"

We found out when we went inside. You see, we weren't in the capitol - we were in the old capitol. The new one is that towering building that was behind. We learned it was one of four tower capitols in the U.S. (and not that attractive).

The old capitol is now a museum so we did the quick political tour. (See photos). The nice lady up front informed us that we could walk across the back plaza to the new capitol and take the elevator to the top (22nd floor) where they had a 360 degree viewing area. That was worth it as we finally got a birds eye view of Tallahassee. After that we walked around downtown before grabbing some lunch at a nearby café.

With our Florida tours end in sight, we thought it might be worth it to pay a visit to the Florida History Museum the next day. After finding the parking garage and going through security checkpoints we finally made it to the exhibits.

Some interesting facts - Florida is the 4th most populous state in the union with the longest coastline in the contiguous United States. Archaeological research indicates that Florida was first inhabited by Paleo-Indians (the first human inhabitants of the Americas) as early as 14 thousand years ago.

Of course now days when we think of Florida we think of Citrus or tourism. The museum covered that as well with a display of what were the first tin RV's atop Model T's which gave way to the name 'Tin Can Tourism' in the 1920's.

Having enough of museums, we headed towards home but not before a stop at Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. We allowed three days here and that was enough. Time to move back to the beaches. We're now heading to Panama City.

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