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500 year old gate in the Lucca town wall

thanks to Connie and Nathalie the tower still stands

The Cathedral at Pisa

As you can see Connie and Nathalie held up the Tower of Pisa so no one was injured if it fell. We all appreciated them doing that since it looked to be really leaning today. We did learn on our tour that in the 90's a lot of work was done on the tower to shore it up and prevent it from falling.

When we were in Pisa we toured the Cathedral and the picture I've included was the front ceiling of the church. The church was massive and beautiful as many are here in Europe. We ate lunch in Pisa having pizza of course.

During the tour we also visited Lucca which is a walled city where the walls were built 500 years ago to protect the city from the people of Florence. The guide told us that there were 100 churches in the town not a big town either. We went inside one of the churches and the stained glass windows were wonderful. The other interesting thing was the wall around the town. The picture shows one of the gates that would come down to keep people out.

I would write more but Nathalie and I have not slept due to some snoring so who would you think that was???? We stole her sleeping pills tonight and will be taking them ourselves.

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