Bob and Julie head South travel blog

Today's breakfast spot from Julie's iPhone. Another winner

Relaxing in the sun with a cup of tea

On the way to HR and Phyllis's house. A beautiful drive

Wild turkeys in a field. They escaped another Thanksgiving

Arriving at the home of HR and Phyl.

A view from the front porch down the driveway. Pretty nice.

At the lunch table. Val, Spence, Phyl and Julie (pretty fancy)

After lunch conversation in the living room. HR and Phyl listen as...

Into the hills north of Lincoln, CA


Today was a juiceless day so we headed over to a place called “Sweetpeas Breakfast and Lunch” in Auburn, CA. We had breakfast and it was good, but not as good as Julie’s juice.

After breakfast, we got coffee then went back to the RV to drink in the coffee and sunshine.

Val came by at 11:30 to escort us up to the home of HR and Phyl in the hills near Camp Far West Reservoir north of Lincoln, CA. The drive is along very pretty backcountry lanes. These roads are also confusing and I wondered how in the world I ever found this place a few years ago. Sure was glad to have Val lead the way.

It was good to see HR and Phyl again. I was able to meet Val’s husband Spence and their two dogs. Had a great lunch that looked more like a full-fledged dinner to me. We talked all afternoon and into the early evening. The two dogs and two cats provided extra entertainment. We had a good time.

Val was getting ready to head out so Julie and I were quickly behind her. Without her to lead the way back we would surely get lost and perish in the wilderness (okay, slight exaggeration, but only slight). After Val led us back to the safety of our RV in the dark, we made plans to meet again tomorrow. Julie and I got some chicken soup at the store then settled in for the night, we are both fighting an oncoming cold, (something we could do without.) After dinner, Julie got on the phone with FEMA while I went to the hot tub …..for therapeutic reasons.

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