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Nearly December and fall is just coming to Fresno. That's fine with...

Hwy 99 northbound from Fresno looks mostly like this

This part of California grows everthing. Lots of orchards

Hwy 99 near Sacramento

Starting up the hill toward Auburn. Pretty country

Set up in a very nice campground in Auburn

Fresno to Auburn, CA


Today was a 200 mile day so we didn’t need to leave super early. We had time to juice, get the RV ready to roll and on the road by 10:15AM.

Weather was perfect with a bit of haze early in the day. We stopped once for gas and coffee in Livingston, CA and were back on the road by 12:30PM. We drove through Sacramento and into the hills to the town of Auburn arriving at 2:45PM. There were no problems at all.

We found the campground which is called the Auburn Gold Country. The roads into the campground are a tight confusing little maze. Julie had to dismount 3 times to help me find the assigned space. I guess if the maze is some sort of intelligence test I was found wanting. We finally did get parked and settled in by 3:15PM. This is a nice campground.

We decided to get a late lunch so Julie found a place to try and we were off. The place she wanted was closed (breakfast and lunch only) so she quickly found another place on her iPhone, on the fly. We dined at an ” In-N-Out Burger”. Maybe we will catch the other place later. You see, it’s not all fun and games out on the road, sometimes you have to make split second decisions and are forced to accept fast food.

After our late lunch it was time to meet up with Julie’s sister Val. We had a fun visit and planned out what we would be doing tomorrow. It was nice of her to drop by on the way home from work.

After Val left, I got into the spa I scoped out earlier for a nice soak. For some reason, I was the only one there. Must not be any Canadians in this park.

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