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Our private tatami room at Kaiseki Tsuruko in Kanazawa

A hot face cloth and a light green tea

Breaded fish with sake and mayonnaise

Crab: a specialty of the area. If you can, zoom in and...

Happy diners!

One of the gorgeous waitresses

Appetisers- see blog

Sashimi on my favourite of the plates

Grilled Fish the first hot dish

A very hot pot with steam coming from the vent with delicious...

Two small cubes of perfect beef with 2 pieces of fried garlic

Dessert of fruit balls in jelly and a melt in the mouth...

Matcha - powdered green tea like they serve in the tea ceremony

Jane after drinking matcha

More tea - sencha this time. Normal green tea.

With the chef and the waitress

This was a meal to remember. Everything was beautifully presented and the quality was excellent.

The rice was so much nicer than any we've had before - with delicate little slices of truffle. The pickles were also extra good.

The appetisers were really interesting: there was a tiny jelly with foie gras(on the red apple dish: squid sashimi - never tasted anything so tender; delish little vegetable slices served in half a lime; sea urchin (we think - interesting texture!!) and some sort of fish - tasty. In the middle - chawan mushi - the custard with a little mushroom, a ginko nut and something on top!

We ate it over about two hours so left feeling quite comfortable. Just had one small jar of hot sake between us. The chef came out at the end and bowed and it was lovely!

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