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day 60 our last day for this fall trip was from las vegas to home (san diego) ... now it was hell, scary and fun all in one, now that "we're home safe" that is...  taking i-15 south we didnt know how very bad the road ahead was until we got underway, it was hell in that there was snow/rain/ice and heavy winds most of the way, we should not have left today... our photos are all of fuzzy, blurry, focused on rain drops, to show our trip home mess, i did not remove the bad photos, so see what we took as is... we have been in worse but it was stupid of us at our age... the fun was, we got home safe and did get SOME good shots, and rainbows, ever a pair of them, no pot of gold but good red skys, rainbows and being home safely... enjoy our photos, the good AND bad ones...

our stormy rain photos:

our spots:

our journal:

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sheriff ron & deputy bebe mcgehee

we are living for "beyond" the moment

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