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Or so it described Coffs Harbour in the in-flight guide...

Looks like the little green line is out of phase with the journey again.

What a day!!!! We rose early to get to the airfield at the specified 1 hour before departure got there with at least an hour to spare, but just before we were sposed to board the flight the dreaded announcement came over the tannoy to inform us that we would not be departing till 11:00 but those with connections should go to the customer desk for reallocation. We were rebooked on a flight that was sposed to have already left and much talking in code to someone via walkie talkie got our bags swapped over and we were on our way and landed in Sydney in plenty of time to board the connecting flight. Time comes to board and we front up with our boarding passes only to be told that we were not on the flight. Fortunately I had seen my shrink on Monday and we had a long chat about my “incandescence” with non thinkers and this revealed that incandescence with these people does not work, they are trained to deal with those displaying an incandescent personality and one has to collapse on the floor in tears, demand a doctor, call an ambulance etc. until you get what you want. The problem, it transpired, was our bags, for reasons unknown they had been booked on the 3:00pm flight which it was assumed we would catch as we had been put on an earlier flight so that we could make the original connection (shall I try and explain that again?). When we said that its ok but because we had to get to Coffs before 3:00pm to get our car and van out of storage but if you pay our accommodation overnight that will be good. More dialogue on the walkie talkies our bags miraculously were found and put on the flight we were booked on and we got our own chauffeur mini bus over to the aircraft. I might add the flight had closed but when we got there the were numerous empty seats and they were still fuelling up..... Of course it was not real people who were at fault here it was of course the computers who had decided our fate.... Bring back flying the “proper” way; front up at the Dragon Rapide with your bags, stand on the scales your total weight is recorded and you are refereed to as Sir/Madam and you are told your flight to Melbourne will be overnighting at Albury.... I guess flying was in its infancy then...

But the day didn't end there.... due to yet another “administrative error” we had to wait for an hour for a Cab at the Airport... I will in this instance be sending an incandescent email to those responsible.

The car was ready and waiting and they now tell us that only the inter-cooler had to be changed and showed as sketch of it; that impressed Carol. We left Coffs around 3:00 with van in tow and 4 hours later and here we are overnighting in a freebie waterfront site at Karuah, if I get up early enough I'll take some dawn pics... On second thoughts maybe the sun is up too early for me.... On to Mudgee tomorrow.

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