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Up late on Sat morning, and met our new flat mate Paul. He is from Canberra back home and him and i get on well.

After a good feed of pizza it was out again with Nicki and Cat (her friend from uni) and we went to SOHO to go to some clubs. After going to some that had more men in them than women (guess what they where) it was deffintly time to move on!! and seeing they all wanted a huge cover charge to get in we called it a night.

On the way home I happened to go pass the casino, so I called in for a quick flutter and ended up walking out a couple of hours later with a few more peices of paper with the queens head on them then what I started with (which is a change)!!

Sunday was spent trying to work out how I could go to work tomorrow after we just lost the second test, but then just chilled out at home when I realised we would still win the series (I hope)!!

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