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Nullarbor Links

The golf holes

1365 Klms long

This is such a beautiful spot and we walked on the cliffs and saw some lovely beaches. The cliffs are such a drop into the ocean so it was scary for me but not for David as he doesn't seem to mind standing near the edge. (Not my idea of fun). The view is amazing. The ocean and the beaches all look amazing.

We needed to go into Ceduna to look around, go to the information centre and post office, and the supermarket, fill the gas bottle, and check up on equipment for the Truk42.

In the Information Centre you can sign up for 'The Nullarbor Links' which is a golf course covering the 1365 kilometers from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie. It's the longest Golf course in the world. It costs $70 and at every hole you get the card stamped and at the end a souvenir certificate to say you've played on the longest golf course in the world. You can start from either end. In Kalgoorlie they have just built a $m25 golf course. The golf holes stop at all the towns and roadhouses on the Nullarbor for you to play a hole of golf. They say it has cut down the accidents on the drive across. Apparently some guys from Kalgoorlie got together in a pub one day and said "How can we get people to stop along the way?" Someone suggested golf. What a brilliant idea. They have already sold 9,000. David has signed up and he'll be playing as we drive across the Nullarbor. There are lots of smart comments on Facebook like "he must have a very good drive". "You've got to have an incredible swing to blast the ball to such a distance... ⛳️𯎂". "Enjoy! I hear the walking between holes can be quite a challenge!" "He'll be very tired ......"

Etc. etc. should be fun.

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