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Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Major Mitchell Cockatoos

Enngonia (Oasis Hotel & Pub)

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

11/5/13, Tuesday.

Todays drive was more outback driving. There were vast areas with no trees (or at least very few) and then areas that had a lot. We saw many more kangaroos and emus (alive and dead). We stopped for a rest break and lunch at Cunnamulla. Robin and I ordered Ham and Cheese sandwiches, toasted. (One thin slide of deli ham, one slice of cheese, 2 slices of bread =$5.00 PLUS $0.60 for toasting it).

Our next rest stop was in Enngonia, a VERY small town in the outback. We got there just as they were running the end of the race (on TV) for the Melbourne Cup so we got to see the winner. The small pub was crowded with the locals (about 15 of them), all eyes glued to the TV. The tree outside was crowded with Major Mitchells, the pink and white cockatoos. One of the ladies in the pub asked us if we were going on to Bourke. She had us carry an envelope to her husband, a trucker, who had forgotten something. So we played Pony Express and saved her a 160km round trip (roughly 100 miles).

Back on the road, we headed for Bourke, just across the border from Queensland into New South Wales. This is another small outback town. We delivered the envelope and then found a decent motel and settled in. The Chinese restaurant at the Bourke Bowling Club was recommended so we tried that and it was good. Afterward Les, Robin and I played cards in our room while Herb went to sleep (tired from the driving).

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