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Took an excursion a 1 hour coach trip through the Italian countryside to Alberobello, a town in the Apulia region that forms the top of the ‘heel’ of the boot of Italy.

Thanks to the distinctive mortarless round stone houses with conical roofs, known as ‘trulli’ – the town was added to the list of UNESCO world Heritage sites in 1996. Many of these ‘trullo’ houses are topped by a so-called ‘pinnacolo’ – a sort of white cap or sphere – and all of them have curious symbols, possibly good luck charms painted on the roofs.

There was an interesting church (St Antonio – the only ‘trullo’ church in the world) but we weren’t allowed inside. After a stroll up the street I noticed a side door to the church so I poked my head inside and next thing here was Shirley in the middle of a christening service. Can you imagine what it feels like to all of a sudden look and feel like ‘Mr Bean’!

A wonderful village to wander.

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