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Heading South out of Lo Manthang

Looking back at LoMan

Snow squalls

Our path South

The path starts to climb

Heading up to another pass

Scenery 1


Another stream

Bridge to Lo Gekar

Looking back at Lo Gekar

The view toward Ghami

Stark white hills


After a not so good start to the day wherein I slipped off a large rock while crossing a stream and did a face plant into more rocks, I was treated at the health post in Lo Manthang and then got to try the stream crossing all over again. This time I picked a better crossing and headed South toward Ghami along a different trail than we'd traveled while heading North. This trek was about 7-8 hours and did not follow the road.

Overnight there had been Snow at higher elevations and the sides of the hills had turned white. We saw some yaks that had moved to lower country for grazing. During the morning trek, we encountered more drizzle, sleet, and some snow.

But our path seemed ever to climb and we crossed a number of passes.

The day started to clear and finally on the South side of one pass, we left the snow squalls behind us.

The trek offered beautiful scenery and also the travelers were spread out enough that there was much solitude. This was also a result of my late start due to the face plant.

Just after noon, we crossed another stream as we came to Lo Gekar.

I was fortunate in that there was a bridge across the stream so I didn't need to further test my rock hopping skills. When I arrived for (late) lunch, my fellow trekkers were rather surprised as they thought I might have taken a Jeep ride South after my fall. But I wouldn't have missed this trek for the world.

Lo Gekar is the site of one of the oldest monasteries in Northern Nepal.

After lunch, we continued South to Ghami. We'd passed through Ghami on our way North but via a different and lower path. This time we got a bird's eye view of our earlier route. The longest mani wall in Mustang is located just North of Ghami.

Once again the late sun highlighted some hills of a very white material. And, there were the snow covered Himalayan teeth jutting up in the distance. The Mustang area, high though it seems, is actually a valley passing through the wall of craggy mountains. That is why it has traditionally been such an important trade route. Our average elevation on this trek was about 13,000 ft. (3,900 meters). This trek South to Ghami went over one pass of 4,300 meters.

And, about 1700 hours, we finally got to our destination for the night. From Ghami South, we retraced the path we'd taken North the week before.

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