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The Arctic Fox

'Cowboy', the Horned Owl who only has one wing but is still...

A Golden Eagle

A pair of Bald Eagles

A Black Bear

The only thing I did of interest today was spend a couple of hours at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo which is mainly a rehabilitation facility where 90% of all the animals they get are successfully released back to their native environment. All the animals on exhibit are either too injured or have been imprinted by humans by being raised as pets & cannot be released back to the wild.

It’s only a small zoo on just over 2 acres but they have an incredible variety of animals from bears to eagles to wolves & all the common local inhabitants like red-tailed hawks, raccoons & bobcats. I was told that they rehabilitated & released over 300 red-tailed hawks this season.

There was a beautiful Arctic Fox & one of the keepers had a Horned Owl on display. There were a couple of electricians working near the Timber Wolf enclosure which seemed to stir them up & they were putting on a wonderful display of howling which in turn stirred up some of the other animals.

I took a video of the wolves, just to get the sound of the mournful howl which echoed around the park but unfortunately it’s too big to fit on the blog.

The chairlift up to Snow Summit still wasn’t working today – there was a sign saying they’re working on it, getting ready for winter so I missed out on the views over the lake which I think would have been spectacular because it was another beautiful day. I felt like some exercise so went for a walk around the lake & then came home to some tasty Clam Chowder.

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