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The Arch

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New Brunswick

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PEI Country Side

A Farm

Amazing Sunset

Great Lighting

As we had been travelling hard for awhile and our plan this day was to visit the Hopewell Rocks at low tide (checking the schedule told me that low tide would occure at 1:00pm), so I let the wee boys have a lie in. I made a lovely cup of coffee for myself and whipped up a batch of porridge, yum. It was nice to have a slow morning for a change and the boys really like it at this campsite and are reluctant to leave. It's one of the challenging things about this trip is that we can never stay more than one night in any campsite. We all wish we had a bit more time to linger... Ah well you can't have everything.

We hit the road and headed along the scenic route to Hopewell Cape. We stopped briefly to replenish our stocks and then had a pic nic in the parking lot before going in. We took the steep sloping trail down to a stair that decended to the ocean floor. The tide was incredibly far out but the boys were anxious to get to the water and so before you knew it they were ankle deep in red rich mud. At first I noticed that Ryan was enjoying spreading the mud up and down his calves. I panned left to see Liam imitating Ryan. The back of Liam's shorts were already covered in mud having lost his balance, ending up sitting in it. I gave up trying to keep any semblance of cleanliness. I chalked it up to one of those remember when experiences. The stuff childhood is made out of. They had a great time slinging mud at each other. By the time they were finished Liam was up to his armpits in mud. The boys faces and hair had serious dollops dotted about. We trugged up the stairs dragging Liam behind us. Graham did a wonderful big brother job of coaxing and carrying him to the stairs for me (my hands were full with 4 pairs of shoes, a food bag and my purse). Each and everyone of the 30 -40 people we met on the way up the stairs commented on Liam's appearence. "Oh my you look like you had fun! He looks like he's been dipped in chocolate! That will take a while to get clean." The comments came in several languages and with plenty of laughter.

It took over half and hour to get the three boys clean enough to take the little shuttle back to the parking lot. A quick change of clothes and we were off to PEI for the night.

The drive to Moncton and then to PEI was surprizingly quick. We found some rather furry sheep just before we embarked on the Confederation bridge and had to stop to take a picture. "They're so cute!" said Liam.

We arrived at the PEI welcome center and started phoning around for campsites. It was looking kind of grim being the Saturday night of the long weekend. We located North Umberland Provinical Park and the lady on the phone said not to worry she would find us a spot even if she had to put us right on the beach. Ah Shucks. Camping right on the beach! We stopped briefly for a dinner of local fish and chips and then continued on. We arrived at North Umberland at about 10:30. It was dark! Linda the park staff took us around to make sure we liked the campsite that remained for us. It was great. She was very careful to make sure we had everything we needed. You couldn't have asked for a more helpful person. We quickly got the tent up and then snuggled into bed. We were sung to sleep by our neighbours who were quite good really.

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