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The multiple arch dam built in 1912

Big Bear Lake from the dam

I’ve decided to go to Las Vegas next week but it took me a long time to sort out where I wanted to stay. It took me nearly all morning but I’ve finally got a reservation for an apartment in an accommodation tower adjacent to the MGM Grand.

I also did a load of washing which involved lots of running back & forth because the laundry is at the other end of the building & there was no indication about how long the washer or dryer cycles were.

It was another beautiful day so I went for a drive around the lake, past the very interesting dam. Apparently the original single-arch granite dam which was built in 1884 by about 8 Italian stone masons, formed Big Bear Lake which was then the world’s largest man-made lake. I find this hard to believe but that’s what the sign says. The sign goes on to say that engineers claimed the dam would not hold & declared it “the eighth wonder of the world’ when it did.

The old dam is underwater because a multiple arch dam was built in 1912 which increased the lake’s capacity by 300%. This design was very economical in the use of concrete which had to be transported up the mountain from Riverside & the dam survived both the 1913 & 1992 earthquakes without damage.

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