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Every morning. (Starbucks instant). Afternoon, real dark roast but decaff.

Only time we've done this!

Our laundry hanging on the line. We did it together as it...

Probably a descendant of an old fisherperson who lived on Little Vennel...

self explanatory

British Petroleum's regrettable maintanance dock offshore in the Cromarty Firth.


We've never been fans of quiz shows or board games, particularly. Well, that's all changed. Maybe it's our age. Every night for 2 weeks we sit in front of the tellie at 5:15 PM to watch Pointless. I'd lose your attention if I explained how it works, but it does amaze us to see ourselves, completely captivated.

Before Pointless comes on, usually some time around 3 PM we start playing the National Trust for Scotland board game we found in our cottage. The best part of it is that I've won every game, so far. That usually doesn't happen for me so its quite thrilling and requires the slightly competitive Scot I'm with, to be a good sport. The questions all have to do with Scotland (culture, nature, history, modern) so all the endless hours I love to spend planning trips is paying off. He has mentioned that the dice might be loaded...

We leave here Saturday morning to drive out of the Highlands toward our next and last cottage reservation 30 minutes south of Oxford. It is a former cottage of the caretaker of a lock on the Thames. We can watch boats of all kids going by once they've been released from the lock. One day we'll take the train to Oxford and another day we'll take the train to London. We've never been to the Tate, or to Selfridges.

We'll miss the Scottish board game and this small, friendly village, very much. Pointless, I think, will follow us to England.

Cheers to everyone,

Kitty and Scott

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