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The Wright Brothers came from Dayton, Ohio and this is also the home of the US Air Force Museum, so Dayton was the next destination on the trip. Had a really nice road trip through the northern end of Pennsylvania and then into Ohio. Lots of vineyards en route and as we were looking for airfields, we put a search on the Garmin and it directed us to a small light aircraft airfield near a town called North West. There were a few guys flying models and Bryan chatted them for a while. Stopped at a roadside stall and bought some plums and grapes to munch along the road. We took the ring road around Columbus and just at the crucial moment when we were changing direction, we were hit by a flash storm. Rain just bucketed down and it was very difficult to see the road, let alone the directional signs. Anyway, a tense moment, but we managed to negotiate the interchange and headed merrily on our way as the rain dried up. Later on TV, there were reports of a tornado which had destroyed some buildings in a small town in North Dakota, which is quite a bit to the West of where we are now. Anyway, that was quite a long trip – about six hours. We tried a few hotels, all a bit dodgy, and then finally settled on a Comfort Inn. We have registered on a loyalty programme with a group of hotels called which awards points if you stay in their hotels and you can earn a few free nights. Each State has a “Visitor Centre” located on the Interstate as you enter the State. You can pick up booklets with tear out coupons for hotel accommodation. We had a really good deal in Buffalo, where we stayed at a Comfort Inn for a much lower rate than their normal daily rate. Hopefully we can earn a few free nights during the trip.

Unpacked and walked down the road to a very busy bar. Had a few Budweiser's, a bite to eat, and an early night.

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