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How many men does it take to change a tyre

Girls to the rescue

Well, here we are in Vizakhapatnam which has luckily survived the cyclone though still has huge seas. The cyclone crossed the coast further north than expected, at the town of Gobalpur where we will be next Friday.

A little bit of excitement on the journey when we blew a tyre. A large group of Indians gathered while Mic and Juan changed the tyre on the side of the road, just watching us. It took around 45 minutes to change the tyre then we were on our way again.

Our hotel is right on the beach front and we are on the 6th floor (with no lift!) so we have an excellent view of the pounding surf. All the locals are out to see the spectacle, but as far as we can see there is no damage. Tonight we meet a local guide who will be with us for the next week while we travel into the Orissa Hill Tribe area - it should be very interesting and right off the beaten track. No internet now until we reach Calcutta on 22 October. 6am start tomorrow, so off to bed now.

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