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Steep, Rocky road

Burned clutch

High (literally) school

More fowers & tikas

The trek to Martadi

Martadi at dusk

Unfortunately, Martadi, the center of the Bajura district is also not available on the map here. It is yet further North into the hill country. These are called hills only because they abut the much higher Himalayas. They are quite steep to and reminded me much of the Andes in Ecuador (although those were much higher) We were at only 6-7 thousand feet.

We spent the night in rooms at the Kuldevmandu health post then trekked about 2 hours further North to meet the vehicles. They'd driven a long way around to bypass another major landslide, part of which is shown in the first photo. We rode for a couple hours and visited a school which was located up a very steep and rocky road. All our vehicles could handle. In fact our driver rode the clutch so hard it was smoking badly when we arrived. (He used a fire extinguisher) We were welcomed by all the children standing in a double row to form a path while two others beat drums. Then it was more tikas, flowers, and meetings. A further drive then we came to another village where the road to Martadi was blocked by another major landslide. We had a wonderful lunch at a local restaurant to give us energy for the coming trek.

The road to Martadi has been blocked for perhaps a year and the village is being supplied by donkey train. Because it was late in the day, we were continually passed by packs of donkeys being driven down the hill for more cargo.

We made a 4r hour trek to Martadi and visited another health post on the way. It rained during most of the trek. The last stretch was an hour long climb straight up a steep, rocky, muddy, slippery hill. That climb is a shortcut to avoid a long set of switchbacks on the now abandoned road (which the trucks used to use and the donkeys now travel) We arrived at deep twilight, fairly well spent. But at least Martadi had power and the nicest hotel room since Dadeldhura. AND there was a cold beer to be had! Also, after we dried off and cleaned up, an evening snack of fresh french fries! (called finger fries, locally) A helluva day.

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